A Calvert, N.L., couple is $250,000 richer after hitting the top prize on a scratch ticket.

Sheila and Gerald Kavanagh won one of the six quarter-million-dollar Holiday Riches prizes, after Gerald included a ticket in a Christmas card to his wife. That ticket won $15, which was used to buy another one — which turned out to have the grand prize.

"When I yelled for her to come in to check it, she was charmed when she thought we won $250," said Gerald in a statement from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation on Wednesday morning.

The Kavanaghs have two children and three grandchildren, and plan to share the money with family, do some repairs and buy a new SUV. Gerald and Sheila — retired from the Canadian Coast Guard and Masonic Park, respectively — also plan to use the winnings to pay for their daughter's upcoming wedding in September.