Premier Tom Marshall is being pressured to call a byelection in the district of Virginia Waters, following a pep rally the Liberals held Tuesday night to bolster candidate Cathy Bennett. 

Bennett kicked her campaign off at a St. John's hotel before more than 100 supporters, with a call for a campaign sooner rather than later to elect a new MHA in former premier Kathy Dunderdale's seat. 

"The people of the district deserve to be represented in the house of assembly, particularly when we go into a budget," Bennett told reporters after rallying supporters with Liberal Leader Dwight Ball. 

"I think you can see tonight that we're ready. The people deserve to be represented, so let's have this election as soon as possible." 

The seat became vacant on Feb. 28, when Dunderdale retired from politics. She had resigned as premier in January. 

The governing Tories have yet to set a date for the byelection for the St. John's district. As well, the party has not yet selected a candidate. 

The New Democrats will be represented by former St. John's city councillor Sheilagh O'Leary. 

A byelection date must be set within 60 days of a seat becoming vacant.