Organizers of Cain's Quest, Canada's longest snowmobile endurance race, say the upcoming trek for 2014 is the longest course they have ever had.

Chairperson Todd Kent said they decided not to hold a race this year to give volunteers a break, and the break gave them the opportunity to create the longest course since the race started in 2006.

"This is two years now since we had our last race, so it's been a while coming and we've looked at a lot of different routes and some possibilities, and this will be the longest race course that Cain's Quest has had since we started in 2006," Kent said.

"It will also be the first time that we went down into the south coast-straits region of Labrador, so we're excited about that."

Kent said there are more firsts for the quest, including a $100,000 purse for the winners.

According to Kent, the organizers are just in the process of working out some logistics, and they've moved the start date up to March 1 after talking to people along the south coast of Labrador about weather conditions in their area.

A dozen teams from all over Canada have already signed up. Registration deadline for the 2014 race is December 31.