Opposition Leader Dwight Ball says Premier Tom Marshall's latest shuffle of the Newfoundland and Labrador cabinet shows the governing Tories are running out of steam.

Marshall added Terra Nova MHA Sandy Collins to the cabinet in the tourism portfolio, while reassigning several of his key portfolios. No ministers were dropped from cabinet.

Ball labelled the shuffle as a waste of time and money.

"Not only did Premier Marshall increase the size of cabinet, what he did was just move ministers around to portfolios that they previously held before," Ball told CBC News.

"To me it's just symptomatic of what we've been saying for quite some time, that this is a weak and a tired government," said Ball. 

While Marshall did add a new member to cabinet, its size returns to the level it had been in January when Marshall replaced Kathy Dunderdale. Shortly after being sworn in, Marshall  who had been finance minister  held a small shuffle and had Terry French double up in two portfolios, tourism and business.

Ball, though, said the addition of a newcomer is a bad move.

Tom Marshall May 1 2014

Tom Marshall speaks with reporters Thursday at Government House. (CBC)


do not have any changes left that can actually make sense and it's — in a word, it's bizarre," Ball said.

Marshall told reporters that he would have shuffled the cabinet earlier, but he needed to be sure that leadership aspirations were settled.

"I decided I would wait," said Marshall.

"If I didn't wait I could be having a shuffle every week. So I waited and [a leadership race] didn't happen, and we now have a leader so I decided to go ahead with it."