People in western Labrador are starting the process of rebuilding cabins that were destroyed by forest fires that burned in the area for weeks.

Patrick Beson says he wants to rebuild the cabin his grandfather built years ago on the same land.

"I felt like I should [build a] tribute to him and build my own where his once stood," Beson said.

Beson said he's starting small by planting green seedlings in the black ash.

"We're trying to restore the land for our future generations," he said.

"I loved this place growing up. I was here almost every day so I want my grandkids to experience the same thing I had."

Hayward Sheppard, owner of Ranger Lake Forest Products, said he will be offering lumber at cost to people starting to rebuild.

"This land has been good to me. We call this the Big Land — it's not just big in iron ore, it's big in people, too," Sheppard said.

He said being part of the generation that built western Labrador, he felt it's his duty to help another generation rebuild it.

"It's not about money, but it's about doing a good job — laying a good foundation for tomorrow," he said.

JRV Distribution is another company hoping to lend a hand by trying to work out a way to give $500 Rona gift cards to people who lost cabins.

An outside accounting firm will help organize the donations to ensure they go to the right people.