C.B.S. woman planned beating, robbery of "friend" for drugs

A Conception Bay South woman was sent to jail Friday for setting up a "friend" to be beaten and robbed.

Sentenced to nine months

Allison Clements, 22, was sentenced Friday to nine months in jail for planning the beating and robbery of a man for drugs. (CBC)

A Conception Bay South woman was sent to jail Friday for setting up a "friend" to be beaten and robbed.

The ambush occurred on Oct. 9, 2011 at Bowring Park in St. John's.

Allison Clements, 22, had received a text message from a man saying he'd broken into a Shea Heights house and stolen prescription painkillers, including percocet and oxycodone. He said he thought it would be nice to get high with someone whom he thought was a friend.

So much for that.

Clements said sure, and drove from C.B.S. to meet the man. But she picked up three others first: another young woman and two guys. She dropped them off at the park, then went to get the man.

He testified it was around midnight when Clements picked him up in Shea Heights. He said she drove along Waterford Bridge Road toward Bowring Park, and got angry because he didn't bring all the drugs with him.

The man said he realized something was up, but she wouldn't let him out of the car.

He said Clements drove to the west entrance of Bowring Park, where the three others were waiting. He testified they jumped out of the woods, pulled him from the car and savagely beat him for about 20 minutes, stealing the drugs, his wallet and his hoody.

Admitted being ringleader

For her part, Clements admitted she planned the whole thing, but that she didn't take part in the beating, and never meant for it to be so severe.

The other young woman involved, Jessica Bonnell, 20, has already been sentenced to nine months. One of the men involved, Paul Gavin, 21, is still before the courts while the other, Clements' then-boyfriend Dillon Downer, 21, is on the missing list with a warrant out for his arrest.

Judge David Orr ruled the other girl was in on the robbery early on, so he said Clements should get the same nine-month sentence.

He also noted it was Clements' first significant sentence, so it should focus on rehabilitation.

She was also given time for recent thefts from liquor stores and outlets, but most of that was eliminated by time already served.