The owner of a pit bull rescued from an abandoned home in Conception Bay South says she's happy the former owner is facing multiple charges related to animal abuse.

Wendy Karaoglu adopted a pit bull, 3, named Sage after he was rescued from an Upper Gullies home in December last year.

Workers with the town rescued Sage and six other pit bulls after they were discovered abandoned without food or water.

Ross Martin, 35, is facing a total of 33 charges, including causing unnecessary suffering and causing damage or injury, relating to the animal cruelty investigation.

Sage pit bull rescued in CBS

Sage, a three-year-old pit bull, was rescued in Conception Bay South in December last year and now leads a charmed life in his new home. (CBC)

​Karaoglu said whatever turn of events led to the situation, someone is responsible and she's pleased there are charges laid.

"Whether or not he intentionally left the dogs in the house and left, or whether he had the best intentions and got someone to look after him and somebody dropped the ball … whatever the circumstances somebody definitely has to be held accountable for sure, because he's [Sage] just the most precious thing ever," she said.

Leaps and bounds

Karaoglu said Sage is a very different dog today when compared to when she first got him.

"He was 33 lbs … big head and bones. He is currently 65 lbs. so he put on double what he was when they found him," she said.

"We've been through a lot with Sage — he wasn't house broken, he's scared of some things."

According to Karaoglu, certain sounds or words still put Sage on edge, causing him to growl or get scared.

However, Karaoglu said despite the challenges, adding Sage to their family — which includes two cats and a Chihuahua — was a great gift.

"He picked us for sure, fate or whatever you want to call it … he picked us."

Karaoglu said there is a plan in the works to get the seven pit bulls together for a walk, but Sage first has to get over his anxiety and bad behaviour around dogs his own size.