A Pouch Cove businessman has been found guilty of assault with a weapon.

Jamie French, 39, appeared in provincial court earlier this week.

The court was told an intoxicated French used a four-foot piece of hardwood railing on three younger men outside Tol's Time Out Lounge in Mount Pearl in January.

Around closing time at 3 a.m., French put his arm around a woman who was with the group.

She did not appreciate the gesture so the men, who were under the influence of alcohol, told him to back off.

Testimony was givien that the men challenged French to a fight.

Hearing the ruckus, club bouncers told them all to leave.


This four-foot piece of hardwood railing was the weapon used by Jamie French in an altercation outside a Mount Pearl nightclub in January 2013. (CBC)

One man testified that they were outside for a couple of minutes awaiting a cab when French suddenly appeared with the railing.

He swung, breaking one man's arm.

French then hit another man in the elbow — and a third man got hit in the head. One of the men was a bystander.

French testified that it was self-defence, but Judge Colin Flynn did not agree and found him guilty of three counts of assault with a weapon.

He will be sentenced at the end of August.