A St. John's mother is fuming over what happened to her child earlier this week when a school bus driver refused to drop her 5-year-old daughter at her home.

Rebecca Bezanson's daughter was dropped off from kindergarten by a school bus driver at a playground that is a half-kilometre away from her home.

Bezanson was told to expect daughter Abby home late from kindergarten because of a change in school bus routine, but the little girl almost did not return home at all.

The school bus was supposed to drop Abby off right outside of her home on Monday afternoon. Instead, Bezanson got a call from Abby's babysitter, who said Abby had just been brought home, crying, by two older children.

"I was absolutely beside myself," Bezanson said, "I don't know how I would have reacted if it had been a little later and my babysitter had told me she was just missing."

Bezanson said she immediately called Abby's school, Newtown Elementary School, and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. 

As far as Bezanson knew, the bus driver was unfamiliar with recent changes to the route and was unaware that he had a kindergarten-aged child on board.

Benzanson said that Abby told the bus driver that the playground was not where she lived when he asked her to get off the bus. 

"She says [that] he said, 'I don't drive on your street, you need to get off here,'" Benzanson said.

"So she got off and started crying, and the bus drove off."

Two older girls noticed Abby crying and helped her find her way home. 

Benzanson said she was told that the bus driver has since been suspended. However, she thinks it was not his fault alone. 

"I think it's just multiple people that are to blame, and I feel that people need to know that this can happen."