Burn survivor Pat Stamp is a sought-after public speaker since facial prosthetics transformed his life this winter. 

Stamp was welding on the MV Kometik on April 8, 2006 in Conception Bay when fumes ignited inside the tank where he was working. Stamp escaped but he was badly burned, his lungs were damaged and his face was disfigured. Deckhand Wayne Dalton, 38, died of smoke inhalation.

This February, Stamp received facial prosthetics that changed his looks and his outlook. The story of his transformation is detailed here. 

Occupational Health and Safety Week

Stamp, of St. Vincent's, was one of the most popular speakers during this year's occupational health and safety week events, where he gave seven presentations to Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission employees. 

Stamp credits the commission, especially his case manager Renee Peters, with playing a big role in his recovery,.

"The crying, I knew was going to come. I warned people before they came down the stairs to take your tissues," Peters said before Stamp's presentation. 

Stamp said all he wants in exchange for giving presentations is donations to help burn survivors.

"If I speak to 60 people and they speak to 60 more that's a help. I don't know how many I'm helping but I know by the numbers and the positive feedback I'm getting it's all good, right," said Stamp.

Leslie Galway, CEO of WHSCC, said it's important for workers to hear Stamp's story.

"They can really relate to what Pat is saying but perhaps they don't understand the full story and when you listen to the story and every aspect of it, you can better appreciate what's going on when an injury does occur," she said.