A stretch of road near Birchy Narrows, in western Newfoundland, is filled with dramatic drops and bumps, according to one truck driver who says it could lead to danger.

Steve Adams says the Trans-Canada Highway between Birchy Narrows and the Hampden Junction is a rocky drive, and forces him to slow his truck down to a crawl to avoid serious damage.

'I wouldn't dare go over it at 30 kilometres an hour.' - Steve Adams

"Anybody that's not prepared for it is going to be in a world of trouble really easily there," Adams told the Corner Brook Morning Show.

The provincial government says there are two large, severe bumps about four to five kilometres west of Birchy Narrows.

While there were some signs of improvement on Monday, Adams said when he drove over the area Friday afternoon he was forced to slow his speed to just two or three kilometres an hour.

"I was tempted there, at one point, to stop and put a measuring tape down into it. I'm willing to bet that it must be a six or seven inch drop off the edge of the asphalt," he said.

Crews from the Department of Transportation and Works are putting gravel into the road, Adams said, but the salt and weather are making the stretch vulnerable to further damage.

Adams said there are speed signs posted in the area, but he wouldn't drive over the patch at a moderate speed.

"I wouldn't dare go over it at 30 kilometres an hour. Not if I cared any bit at all about my truck or the people that was on the road with me."

In a statement, the Transportation and Works said road work had been performed in the area to replace culverts.

"Staff have been frequently monitoring the section of the highway," read the statement.

"By the end of this week, the department hopes to have it temporarily paved, weather permitting, until the spring when a permanent paving can take place."

With files from the Corner Brook Morning Show