Brutal attack results in 8-month sentence

A 32-year-old St. John's man is going to prison for viciously assaulting his former girlfriend.

A St. John's man is going to prison for viciously assaulting his former girlfriend.

Michael Myrden, 32, was given seven months for assault causing bodily harm and another month for contacting her when the court had ordered him not to.

Myrden kicked and choked her during an attack last year, and pulled out large chunks of her hair.

He also has to pay $730 to reimburse her for the hair extensions she needed to cover her bald spots.

Myrden was charged after the woman reported that a drunken Myrden grabbed her by the hair and threw her around their bedroom in a Hamilton Avenue apartment in September.

The court was shown photographs that depicted how the woman was choked and severely bruised.

Myrden claimed that he was acting in self defence.

However, Judge David Orr said he didn't find Myrden's version of events credible given the extent of the injuries.

Orr also found that Myrden, who has a previous conviction for assault, seemed to have a selective memory about what happened at the apartment in the early hours of Sept. 2.