Figure skater Brian Orser, an Olympian who now coaches other world champions, is hosting a figure skating seminar in Newfoundland this week.

Orser is teaching skaters from around the Avalon, and brought along the new world champion Javier Fernández.

This is Orser's third season hosting the sessions in this province.

"It runs for four days so it's myself then another coach Paige Aistrop, she's a specialist in spins, and then I usually bring my student Javier Hernandez, who just won the world championships actually last week in Shanghai," said Orser.

The coach just wrapped up the world champion circuit, and says coming to Newfoundland is a great way to end the competition season.

"The folks are always so hospitable and the kids are absorbing everything we're doing, so it's always a nice way for me to end my season," he said.

The sessions run from April 6-9 at the Mount Pearl Glacier.