A Corner Brook homeowner says he is familiar with the two men who broke into his home, bound him and robbed him on the weekend.

Tim Mitchell, 53, was tied up after he arrived at his home Friday night to find two disguised men in his house.

According to court documents, suspects Andrew Lecuyer, 33, and Kirby Spence, 18, are accused of binding Mitchell's hands and feet with zip ties. The two are accused of using bear spray and a machete to subdue him.

The RNC said they were quickly able to identify the two suspects, despite the disguises, because of a tip from an off-duty police officer.

Mitchell told CBC News he knows Lecuyer and Spence, and is still shaken by the events.

RNC Const. Scott Mosher said the police believe the suspects targeted the home. They got away with cash and electronics.

Mosher said an injury to the victim's hand happened when he was trying to free himself.

"Those injuries were as a result of a self-inflicted wound. He tried to remove the cable ties himself and subsequently cut his hand," he said.

"He did receive treatment for those injuries, but he was not significantly injured as a result of the incident."

Police said Mitchell is a cook at a local restaurant and used his work knives to free his hands and feet so he could call for help.

Lecuyer was released on conditions after a court appearance on Monday to appear again in court March 18.

Spence remains in custody until a bail hearing Tuesday afternoon.

The two are facing charges including break and entry, armed robbery, forcible confinement and disguise with intent.