Police said no criminal charges will be laid against PC MHA David Brazil in relation to the Bell Island adult basic education program.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary concluded its investigation into some of the program's accounting irregularities on Friday.

Government launched a review in Sept. 2012 when then-Liberal MHA Yvonne Jones questioned Brazil's involvement in the program.

Jones said Brazil was responsible for accepting public money for the program, while also being responsible for signing cheques for employees.

Police were asked to investigate in Dec. 2012.

Brazil said what happened was a case of politics.

"While it is hard to keep that divide there, it's reality you are a target," said Brazil. "From the general public, from the opposition, that they are going to try to smear you with as much dirt as possible."

While he's been cleared of criminal charges, Brazil is still being investigated by the commissioner of members' interests.

Brazil said he is confident that he will be cleared there, too.