Bradley Miller sentenced for string of crimes

A St. John's man with a long history of breaking the law was sentenced in provincial court on Friday on a number of offences.

Miller has seven more court dates between October and November

A St. John's man who has a long history of breaking the law was sentenced in provincial court on Friday for a number of offences.

Bradley Miller, 28, pleaded guilty to a string of petty crimes — and one not so minor.

In May 2013, Miller pulled into an Esso gas station on Topsail Road in St. John's, filled up his vehicle, and put a little extra in gas cans. Miller then dropped the nozzle and drove away. 

A couple of days later, he stole an iPhone worth $700. 

The court was told that about two weeks after the iPhone theft, Miller stole another iPhone. Both were taken from local businesses and were never recovered.

All the while, Miller was racking up breaches of probation and court orders.

Steals cheques, forges signatures

In January of this year, he stole from the Pine Bud Chiropractic Clinic in St. John's, upping the stakes.

Miller stole $4,500 worth of cheques, forging his signature on them. 

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary was able to compare the writing with a signature of Miller's they already had on file.

He also stole a money box from the clinic that contained several hundred dollars.

On Friday, Miller told a judge he was sorry.

He has been in custody since January, so with credit for time served Miller has just 44 days left in the sentence he was handed on Friday.

However, he still has seven more court dates scheduled between October and November for thefts, frauds and additional breaches of court orders.