Brad Cabana files countersuit against Danny Williams

Blogger Brad Cabana has filed a defence in a defamation suit launched by Danny Williams and mining company Alderon, and is proceeding with a countersuit.

Blogger and former leadership hopeful says he has also filed claim against mining firm Alderon

Blogger Brad Cabana has filed his statement of defence in a defamation lawsuit launched against him by former premier Danny Williams and mining company Alderon, and is proceeding with a countersuit.

Cabana, reached by CBC News Tuesday evening, confirmed the legal actions.

The political blogger and former leadership candidate says his statement of defence boils down to a simple concept: "Most, if not all, of the facts that were put forward in my writing were true," Cabana said.

He says he will rely on a Supreme Court of Canada decision from 2009 about public responsibility.

Cabana alleges in his countersuit that he was defamed by Williams and Alderon.

In late June, Williams and Alderon proceeded with legal action against Cabana. Also sued were the Sierra Club Canada and the environmental group’s spokesman Bruno Marcocchio.

Williams and Alderon allege Cabana made false and defamatory allegations in an online blog and on VOCM talk radio.

The comments in question relate to the proposed Muskrat Falls hydro project.

Last month, Cabana dismissed the action as a "SLAPP suit, a suit that's used to silence critics."

SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation.

Cabana, who runs a political blog called Rock Solid Politics, attempted to run to replace Williams as provincial Tory leader, but was disqualified by the party.

He later threw his hat in the ring to lead the provincial Liberals, also without success.

Cabana told CBC News he is representing himself in the legal actions.