Defence lawyer Jeff Brace has long had a high profile in the St. John's court system. (CBC)

Prominent St. John's Lawyer Jeff Brace has pleaded not guilty to impaired driving charges.

Brace wasn't in court Thursday. The plea was entered by his lawyer.

The trial has been set for July 11-12.

Brace, a former city councillor, is best-known for his criminal defence work.

He also served as the province’s consumer advocate in the 1990s.

Last August, he crashed his motorcycle on New Gower Street in downtown St. John's. He collided with a road sign, and then hit the curb. Brace was badly banged up, and subsequently charged with impaired.

He has a prior conviction for drunk driving 14 years ago.  

Because of that, he could face jail time if he's found guilty again.