A young boy who had his tricycle stolen was elated when a stranger offered to replace the stolen bike with his own.

Dara Squires said her son, 4, has a genetic disorder and he does not yet have the motor skills to ride a two wheel bicycle.

She said he was heartbroken when his bike was taken.

"He was just so proud of being able to ride it. It had been a skill he had acquired recently and it gave him a lot of freedom. Before that, his brother and sister would ride off on their bikes and scooters and always in the same area but he'd be running along trying to follow them," she said.

"It's been kind of depressing for the last month watching him just stand on the sidewalk while his brother and sister ride, and we've been trying to teach him to ride a two-wheeler but he's just not there yet."

Squires posted an ad on the online classifieds website Kijiji, pleading for the return of her son Emerson's bike.

Rather than getting his bike back, they were contacted by the father of another boy who wanted to give his as a gift.

Max Wentzell, 11, had the same bike and offered it up to replace the stolen one.

"The kid has a heart of gold and he's just so sweet, and he came over and he met Emerson and gave him big hugs — it was just great," Squires said.

"He didn't want anything. Emerson even tried to give him a water gun."

Squires said she never heard back about her son's stolen bike.