Traditional recipes from 'Bonita's Kitchen' spreading around the world

From 'Bonita's Kitchen' in Upper Island Cove to the rest of the world, a series of instructional cooking videos on YouTube are spreading local recipes.

'To me, it's a teaching tool helping people all over the world'

Bonita's Kitchen has been gaining popularity online with a series of instructional videos focusing on traditional recipes. (Bonita Hussey/Submitted Photo)

One home cook in Upper Island Cove might be cooking traditional Newfoundland dishes, but her recipes are spreading all over the world on YouTube.

Bonita Hussey's budding success as an Internet chef all started with a simple request from her sons who live in Calgary - they wanted to learn how to make homemade bread.

Rather than writing out the entire recipe, she filmed herself, and her sons encouraged her to share the video.

"My oldest son, Brad, he was like 'Mom, you need to post this, people need to know about this,'" Hussey said.

Starting out with just an iPad in her kitchen, Hussey said her husband now shoots the videos, while her sons designed an introduction for the videos. She said the response has been good so far, and she's reached people the world over.

"To me, it's a teaching tool helping people all over the world," Hussey said. 

"We've got Newfoundlanders everywhere, and it's helping - people are enjoying it, and they're asking questions."

Hussey said she considers herself a people person, and her comfort on camera runs in the family.

"We're a family of musicians, and we're in the public; volunteering, and helping with different things. It comes natural," she said.

Hussey's recipe for bologna stew has become one of her more popular videos on YouTube. (Bonita Hussey/Submitted Photo)

One of the most popular videos from Bonita's Kitchen is a recipe for bologna stew, a different take on a common meat in many of the province's households.

"I stumbled upon this recipe, a lady was making it, and I said 'do you mind if I try it?' and I posted it, and I'm getting people from all over the world just looking to make this dish and just try it," Hussey said.

"It is quite delicious."

Hussey said she doesn't make any money from her videos and she's making them for "the love of cooking," but she's hoping to have a cookbook done by the end of the year and has plenty of recipes left to share.