It appears that bonfires are to blame for a blaze that destroyed some valuable fishing gear in western Newfoundland.

Tylor Reid and his father Robert didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when they came off the water in Wild Cove, near Norris Point, Tuesday night.

He says some people were having a few small fires on the beach at the time. 

Wild Cove, Norris Point, NLWild Cove

But around 11:30 p.m., they got a call that a fire had broken out.

As a result, Robert's shed and his fishing boat — along with another resident's shed — were destroyed.

Tylor says his father is devastated, but he says it looks like it was all an accident.

"Everything was very fine when I came up over the hill at 9:30," he said.

"Everything was under control; it was a beautiful evening. And I think it was just a freak accident that a flanker went underneath one of the sheds there, and the wind was the right way, and everything just caught fire. I don't think there was any suspicious activity going on at all." 

Tylor Reid says it rained later on in the night, which helped keep the fire under control.

He and his father are planning on rebuilding the shed, as well as the small wharf that was damaged.