Police evacuated some residents on a cul-de-sac in Mount Pearl Monday after an object described as military ordnance was spotted on a homeowner's lawn.

RNC Const. Talia Murphy said police were called to Aspenwood Place shortly before 3 p.m. to examine the object, which she said did not pose a public safety risk.

"We do not feel that there is an immediate public safety concern. However, as a precaution, we did evacuate several homes," she said.

Members of the military and the RNC's bomb disposal unit removed the object around 5:30 p.m


Neighbour Annette Bullen-Dumaresque said she wasn't worried about the object. (CBC)

Aspenwood Place resident Annette Bullen-Dumaresque said she noticed municipal workers examining an object on her neighbour's lawn, and she went closer to investigate.

"It looked like a miniature torpedo," she said. 

"You know when NASA has the rocket launching? That's what it looked like, only this big," Bullen-Dumaresque said, holding her hands about 30 centimetres apart.

Stored in house for years

The owners of the object, who did not want to be interviewed, said the item had been stored in their house for years as part of a collection of war memorabilia passed down through their family.

They had put it out for bulk garbage pickup earlier on Monday.

Bullen-Dumaresque said she wasn't worried.

"I know my neighbours quite well. I certainly know they wouldn't put anything out there dangerous, and endanger us."