The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District said it is open to reviewing the policy for determining when schools close because of extreme wind chill temperatures.

Some people in Labrador complained this week that the protocol forces older students to brave colder temperatures while school is cancelled for younger students. 

Tony Stack, director of school operations, said he's not sure the school-closing policy has to be changed, but it's worth reviewing.

The policy was put it in place almost 17 years ago. 

"We want to listen to what the people in Labrador have to say, as well as the educational officials there and weigh it all out, consult other jurisdictions and come to a determination in the future," said Stack.

"But for this year, the policy, the long-standing policy, stands." 

Stack said in the end, parents are the ones who have to make the decision about whether it's too cold to safely send their children to school.

The board will close schools for K-3 students when the wind chill reaches -45.

For K-7 students, the wind chill maximum is -50, and for K-12, it's -55.