Bleeding suspect accused of crashing car, home invasions

Christopher William Payne is accused of crashing a stolen vehicle into a utility pole and breaking into two Corner Brook homes.
Christopher William Payne has been charged with break-ins and crashing a car. 0:57

A man who is accused of crashing a stolen vehicle in Corner Brook is scheduled for a bail hearing Friday.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said Christopher William Payne, 24, is believed to have stolen a car early Wednesday, and then crashed it into a utility pole.

He is also accused of breaking into two homes.

Payne was arrested at Western Memorial Regional Hospital, where he was receiving medical treatment.

Homeowner Mike Earle told CBC News he had a rude awakening at 3 a.m. when he found a burglar in his kitchen.

"There was a grown man standing by my kitchen table — so I jumps up and I said, 'hey' — and buddy runs to the door with stuff hanging from him, like my wife's purse, my wallet," said Earle.

Until then, Earle hadn't worried about break-ins.

"I felt safe," said Earle. "I felt safe in my house, I felt safe in my yard and I didn't lock my shed, I didn't lock my vehicle, I didn't lock my house. Oh, I'm going to lock it up now, I tell you — and I advise everyone else to do as well."

Earle says most of the stolen goods have been returned, but his driver's licence, cell phone, camera and some cash are still missing.