An explosion rocked a cul-de-sac in Mount Pearl early Sunday morning, destroying a $75,000 pickup truck and an eight-wheel ATV, and damaging two houses.

A neighbour, who CBC has agreed not to identify because of her work with the justice system, said the flames were huge.

"Higher than the house. It was pretty intense," she said. "I was amazed how long it took the firemen to put it out. For a vehicle, it took quite a while."

The heat from the fire melted siding on the two houses on either side of the driveway.

The owner of the truck, house, and all-terrain vehicle carried insurance, and so did his neighbour.

An accelerant was found, so investigators have categorized the incident as suspicious.

The owner of the destroyed property has had a rough week. Last Tuesday night a young moose collided with his car, damaging the roof and smashing out the front windshield.

No one was hurt in either incident.