The Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources has issued a new advisory to residents of Gambo and Glovertown, plus other towns on the Eastport Peninsula, about recent black bear sightings.

Glovertown, NL

Government officials are encouraging residents to take appropriate steps to avoid attracting bears into their communities and backyards.

Proper garbage storage is vital, officials note.

Black bears have been a big problem in the region in recent months.

Wildlife officials say black bear sightings in the Glovertown area have risen 400 per cent.

Three bears have been shot recently in the area between Glovertown and Eastport, and one local resident says he has been told he will face charges.

People who live in the area blame the increased bear activity on the closure of the local dump this past spring.

What to do

Government officials are outlining a number of tips for anyone who encounters a bear:

  • Remain calm;
  • Give the animal space;
  • Back away slowly and do not run;
  • Avoid eye contact with the bear; and,
  • Remove any garbage or food that may have attracted the animal.

Anyone sighting a black bear is asked to call Natural Resources or the RCMP.