The entire province is in the midst of a deep freeze that saw wind chills on Tuesday night range from -50 in western Labrador to -30 in the St. John's area.

Environment Canada says cold wind chills remain in effect through Wednesday, with forecasted daytime high temperatures of -21 in Labrador to -10 on the island.  

Wanda Rideout, meteorologist with the Gander weather office, said the bitterly cold temperatures will hang around for a couple more days.

"There's this big funnel of cold air being pushed down from the Arctic and that's going to combine with the really strong west-northwesterly winds, and we've been stuck in this pattern for a few days, as I'm sure you've noticed," Rideout said.

"And we will be stuck into it for another day or two, unfortunately, and it's not until Saturday we start to get out of it and we start to get into more normal temperatures."     

Strain on the grid

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is once again encouraging people on the island to conserve energy.

The utility says the cold snap, combined with power generation problems, has put extra strain on the grid. 

A spokesperson says conservation efforts helped avoid an outage on Wednesday morning, with the peak load reached at 7:14 a.m. Wednesday, and the system was able to withstand it. 

Meanwhile, the freezing temperatures mean plumbers in St. John's are busier than normal, dealing with frozen pipes.

Scott Hubley said while Hydro is asking people to turn down the heat, he suggests they may need to turn it up a little to ensure their pipes don't freeze. 

Scott Hubley

Plumber Scott Hubley says this winter`s very cold temperatures have kept him busier than usual. (CBC)

"It's kind of a Catch-22 type thing if you could just kind of just localize it into a certain area," Hubley said. 

"Basically this has been kind of a crazy winter for a lot of people. This is probably the fourth bout of this, this winter. Last year we probably had six [cases of] frozen pipes, this year we're between 60 and 200."

Some provincial ferry schedules have also been impacted by cold temperatures causing heavy ice conditions.

The Beaumont Hamel has had difficulty breaking through the ice on the Tickle, and has been a half hour behind schedule. The Gallatea has been tied up at Portugal Cove due to winds and ice conditions.

It's so cold it appears even the criminal element has decided to lay low.

For the second night in a row, police said there weren't any robberies or other incidents to report.