Bitterly cold temperatures across the province

People across the province are braving the bitter cold as temperatures descend into a deep freeze this week.
People on Water Street dress warmly as they struggle against bitter cold temperatures in St. John's on March 4. (CBC)

People across the province are braving the bitter cold as temperatures descend into a deep freeze this week.

St. John's is in the –20 C with the windchill. The central island and west coast are experiencing temperatures that feel like –30 C..

But some people say your attitude about the weather makes all the difference.

"It's Newfoundland, It's winter. You gotta suck it up," said Todd Goodyear.

"Dress warm and make sure you layer it up and cover up those ears."

Roofers like Andrew Winsor have little shelter from the cold wind in their line of work, but need to stay outside to finish the job. (CBC)
Despite the cold, people who work in trades like roofing and construction continued to brave the cold.

"Just gotta keep going," said worker Andrew Winsor, who spent his day climbing on top of houses with little shelter from the wind. "We got a big project that we want to build and we don't wanna stop here. So, we just keep going ahead."

"I'd say it would be –30 C before we look for a day off."

How cold is too cold

Other people in St. John's on Tuesday thought they could handle even more.

"I lived in Labrador, –60 C," said Kevin Martin. "This is nothing,"