A woman on the west coast of Newfoundland says she's close to realizing her dream of opening up a bison farm in the community of Robinsons.

Michelle Young from Heatherton started the process to get a business plan together a year ago.

Now, Young said her plan is complete and she was funding, but has to finalize a few details — like securing extra financing — before the bison arrive.

She said there's been a lot of mixed reaction to her idea of opening the farm.

"Lots of positive feedback, lots of people kind of scratching their head whether it's going to work or not … but there's definitely a lot of interest from restaurants, for the marketability of it," said Young.

Young added she's waiting for the inspection of the land where the farm would be to finish up before she can move ahead with her plans.

A Regina, Sask. company specializing in the shipping of specialty animals, including bison, will be shipping the animals to her location once inspection and construction has completed.

The bison will come to the island on the Marine Atlantic ferry, and Young said she has a back up plan if there are delays.

"I've been speaking with a couple of bison farmers on the other side of the gulf that — if I should run into any problems bringing them here, that I'm more than welcome to offload them and give them a rest at their farm and when everything's good to go load them back up and come across the gulf," she said.

Young said she hopes to have the farm up and running before the end of the summer.

The bison farm would be the first of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador.