Residents of a small Bay St. George community are tired of waiting for water after going without for over three weeks.

Fifteen homes in Birchy Brook have been without running water for weeks after the local well dried up in July.

Residents like Margaret Bennett have been forced to shower and wash clothes at neighbours' homes in Flat Bay West. Or they carry buckets of water from a nearby spring to flush their toilets or wash.

"Oh I'd like to have water, but if it takes time, I guess it got to," she said.

Bennett says even when the well was operating, the water was brown and not fit to drink. She and her neighbours want to be able to hook up to the Flat Bay West water supply.

Municipal Affairs Minister Dan Crummell told CBC News Monday that such a connection would cost $125,000. He said that's something he can't commit to yet. 

However, Birchy Brook resident Brendan Sheppard said that's not good enough, adding it would take just a few days to install a waterline from Flat Bay West.

"Now they're saying it's probably going to take another couple of weeks before they make a decision. Come on! Is this an emergency or a joke? Come on folks, this has to be dealt with and it has to be dealt with now," he said.

Municipal Affairs is expected to decide what to do about the lack of running water some time this week.