With biker gang activity seemingly on the rise in Newfoundland and Labrador, the RCMP are giving more details about clubs operating in Grand Falls-Windsor.

The Bacchus biker gang has been in the town since January 2011. The Outlaws arrived in August 2012.

RCMP Cpl. Mike Fewer said both groups are highly visible in the town.


RCMP Cpl. Mike Fewer says that two biker gangs in Grand Falls-Windsor are highly visible. (CBC)

"The unique thing about Grand Falls-Windsor … is Newfoundland and Labrador is the only Atlantic Canadian province with two 'one per cent 'outlaw motorcycle gangs, and there are chapters of both in town," said Fewer.

"We see them [the local chapters] almost on a daily basis. But then we also see, through the year, increased presence periodically of members from other chapters of Bacchus and other chapters of the Outlaws … but then we also see members of other clubs, other chapters, from all over Canada coming here."

One per centers are considered hardcore — criminal gangs with no respect for the law.

The Outlaws are considered by Criminal Intelligence Services Canada to be one of the three largest biker gangs in the country.

The agency also links Bacchus with the Hells Angels.

Police keeping close watch

"The information out there suggests that some members of these outlaw motorcycle gangs have been involved in organized crime activities, such as drug trafficking, violent offences, for a long, long period of time. So that concerns us," Fewer said.

Sources tell CBC News each club now has about six full fledged members — plus any number of hangers-on. They also said one member of the local Outlaws chapter faces drug trafficking charges, a case that is currently before the courts.  

Last week, the George Street Association met with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in St. John's to discuss an increase in numbers of gang members and gang-related violence.

A suspected firebombing on Hamilton Avenue and a drive-by shooting on Dauntless Street in early June has police believing that biker gangs were involved.