An extreme sporting event is starting in Labrador on Saturday — the longest of its kind in the world.

29 teams will race a 3,000 kilometre track in the Cain's Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race. All of them will be gunning for the $100,000 purse that goes to the winner.

But the prize will not be won easily. The course is so long that not every team even makes it to the end.

Simeonie Berthe knows what it feels like to not cross the finish line, but his disappointment last year has not deterred him from coming back.

"I hope I don't break down this time," said Berthe.

Berthe and his teammate Edward Watkins, who will race together as the Kuujjuaq Wolf Pack team, are used to taking on big challenges.

Just to make it to the event, each of them raised $80,000 — a tall task in a small Quebec town.

"Pretty much every business in that town sponsored us, which helped out a lot," said Berthe.

Berthe and Watkins will face another daunting challenge when the race begins — their team has drawn the very last starting position in the race.

But with a big prize on the line, the Kuujjuaq Wolf Pack team is looking at the upside of this.

"I think it's good. We got a lot of people to chase," said Berthe. "We like chasing."