Popular grocery store Bidgood's has partnered with a downtown shop to be an outlet for the popular Goulds retailer.

Gaylynne Lambert, one of the owners of Water St. Variety, said the store has already started clearing shelves to make room for the new products after the deal was made on Friday.

Lambert said that there is high demand in the downtown area for fresh produce and groceries in general.

"It's fantastic — it's just another option," Lambert said. "We have so many great other stores [downtown] and restaurants and shops down here … it's just going to provide something that is not here already."

She said people will have an opportunity to select which Bidgood's items the new outlet will sell.

"We're going to provide a product board and we're going to have people check, 'I want to see this and I want to see that,'" Lambert said.

"Our customers will decide exactly how much we're going to carry."

Lambert hopes to have everything set up in two weeks.