A federal Senate bill to kill the seal hunt will not succeed, according to a Liberal senator from Newfoundland and Labrador.

George Baker says the attempt by his Ontario colleague Mac Harb to legislate an end to the hunt is a waste of time.

"Why would you discuss in detail something you know can never become a reality?" he asked. "I mean we do that too much … the House of Commons and parliament spend their time every day wasting taxpayers money discussing these things."

Baker, who sits on the Senate's Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, calls the bill unlawful and unconstitutional, and said it won't pass.

On Wednesday, Senate agreed to debate Harb’s proposal after a second senator, B.C.’s Larry Campbell, agreed to support it.

An effort by Harb to ban the east coast seal hunt was dealt a fatal blow in March 2009 when no other Senator would agree to second his motion.

Back then, Harb tried to put forward a bill to cancel the traditional hunt for everyone except aboriginal hunters with treaty rights.