Liberal MHA Jim Bennett has apologized to the house of assembly for leaving a controversial voice mail at cabinet minister Joan Burke’s office last month.

In the recording, Bennett threatens to humiliate Burke if her staff fails to help one of his constituents.

"If this problem is not resolved today, you can expect me to absolutely vilify your minister on Monday morning on Open Line," Bennett said on the recording.


Jim Bennett issued an apology in the house of assembly Thursday. ((CBC))

"I will absolutely trash your minister, say what a bunch of idiots she’s got working in her department. Fix the problem and fix it today, or there will be lots of trouble."

Bennett added in the voice mail that "there will be hell to pay with your minister for having such a bunch of slackers working for her who don’t care about people who are in need."

In the legislature Thursday, government house leader Jerome Kennedy accused Bennett of trying to intimidate Burke and her staff.

The government quickly released audio of the call to the media.

Kennedy said Bennett’s comments cross the line of what is considered acceptable behaviour.