A special camp on the west coast will help Mi'kmaq people discover their lost roots.

The camp, to be held in late August in Bay St. George, will help Mi'kmaq people relearn their language.

Delina Petit Pas, one of the organizers, said participants will study the fundamentals of the language at the camp.

She says that the organizers have a strategy to allow their work to resonate beyond the time at camp.

"We try to zone in on families because we know if families take the fundamental components of the language that they will end up speaking it together," she said.

"So what we want to do is, and we know this will happen, is that once they have the fundamentals and relearn what they have lost, is that they will start speaking the language and it will be a living language again. So it's very exciting."

Petit Pas says participants will spend time learning more about speaking Mi'kmaq on a daily basis at the camp and there will be a follow-up for several weeks afterwards.