Leo Crockwell, 55, at a court appearance in St. John's in December 2010. (CBC)

The man involved in week-long standoff with police in eastern Newfoundland in December has given in and retained a lawyer.

Leo Crockwell, who is facing 16 charges including five counts of attempted murder, said repeatedly in previous court appearances that he would represent himself in court.

On Wednesday, lawyer Rosellen Sullivan appeared in court to represent Crockwell. Sullivan said she was only hired Wednesday, and needed time to learn more about the case.

Crockwell, who slipped away from a RCMP barricade of his Bay Bulls house and was arrested at another home more than 20 kilometres away from the standoff, was denied bail last December.

He is expected to remain in custody until his next scheduled court appearance on March 18.

In January, Crockwell accused the Crown of stalling tactics and said the Crown lawyer should spend a month in jail.

The Crown said it wants until April to prepare for the case because of the sheer volume of disclosure.

At the time, Judge Robert Hyslop also expressed impatience with how long the case is taking, saying Crockwell has a right to a speedy trial.

In a Jan. 6 court appearance, Crockwell elected to be tried by a judge and jury and said then he didn't want a lawyer.

Eluded police after standoff

Police said Crockwell refused to communicate with them during the standoff and fired at RCMP officers and a police robot that approached the house.

They said Crockwell slipped out of the house and away from the RCMP on Dec. 10 at about 9 p.m.

He was arrested about 15 hours later, after the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary received a tip that Crockwell was no longer in Bay Bulls.

In December, after he was denied bail, the court was told that a psychiatric assessment found that Crockwell was fit to stand trial.