Two Pasadena Academy graduates wowed the crowd when they showed up in homemade Barbie boxes on the back of a trailer.

Paige Downton and Alyssa Vincent wanted to make a grand entrance at their high school graduation in the western Newfoundland community. Arriving in the family mini van wasn't going to cut it.

Alyssa Vincent Paige Downton Pasadena Barbie grads

Alyssa Vincent, left, and Paige Downton stole the show at their high school graduation when they showed up in Barbie boxes. (Photo courtesy Alyssa Vincent)

The duo created life-sized Barbie boxes, nailed them down to a trailer and were driven into their graduation.

"They [the other students] started cheering, they started taking lots of pictures and surrounding us," said Downton.

Downton and Vincent said they wanted to make an impression to end their school year.

"You try to — not out do everyone — but you try to make it memorable, and I think we got that," said Vincent.

"It's different. No one's done it before here in Newfoundland."

Their dates rode in the front of the truck, and helped them get out of their boxes when they pulled up to the school.