The RCMP believe a malfunctioning barbecue was the cause of a massive fire that destroyed a home in Massey Drive on Monday evening.

Police said the propane barbecue had been lit when something went wrong.

The fire broke out at roughly 6 p.m. and destroyed the home in a short amount of time.

According to the local fire chief, the blaze was the biggest fire in the area in 17 years.

Firefighters from two departments spent hours Tuesday night fighting the raging house fire in Massey Drive.

Massey Drive Fire Chief Wayne Giles says it's been a long time since the department had to battle such a blaze.

"This is the biggest fire that we've had prior to me joining the fire department. Probably been about 17 years since we've had an actual structure fire here," he said.

The house was located near a wooded area, but firefighters were able to control the flames before they spread.

Watch the video to see the size of the fire.