Oncologist David Saltman wants smoking banned at Memorial University of Newfoundland. ((CBC))

A Memorial University of Newfoundland professor is calling on the school to ban smoking on all its property - indoors and out.

Oncologist David Saltman said it wouldn't be too hard for MUN President Gary Kachanoski to enforce a ban.

"In Canada we're very lucky because if we have smoking bans in private and public places, the general population are very supportive of these and compliance is very high, so there's no need for strict enforcement," said Saltman.

Smoking is currently allowed outdoors at Memorial. Saltman said that means students and faculty are exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke near some building entrances.

He's scheduled to meet with MUN's health and safety officer about his concern in the next few weeks.

Four hundred universities and colleges in North America have banned smoking on their campuses.

Four of them are in Atlantic Canada.