Playing together as a team comes easily for the Lodge Bay ball hockey team at the 2013 Labrador Winter Games because most of the team members are from the same family.

Murray and Shelley Pye, and their sons Courtney, 16, and Riley, 11, are long-time ball-hockey players.

Shelley Pye started playing the sport at the Labrador Winter Games when her oldest son was a baby.

"He was three months old and he was our mascot at that time," recalled Pye. "And I had athletes on my team and supporting athletes from other communities watching us and cheering us on and saying that, 'In years to come your son will be out playing someday and perhaps you'll come out as a family.'"

On Wednesday, that's what happened.

Special moment

For Murray Pye, the moment was special.

"They're at the age that they may not be able to come the next time so we made an effort [at the] last games, actually we made a commitment, that we would be at this one for our kids," said the father of the Pye clan.

Courtney Pye said he helps his younger brother, Riley  with his skills.

"I try my best to help him through and everything, especially in hockey, you know, show him some moves and that, improve his skills."

Murray Pye said, to him, the games week was all about making family memories.

"Especially after the opening because my youngest son there lit the torch and it was pretty emotional for me," said Pye.

"To see a member of your own family doing that something so special, you can't describe in words what it meant."

The Lodge Bay team lost on Wednesday morning, but it didn't seem to matter to the Pye family who were sweating and smiling throughout the entire ball hockey game.