A Purolator plane overshot the runway at St. John's International Airport on July 16, 2011. ((CBC))

A cargo plane that overshot a runway in St. John's in 2011 was travelling too fast, landed too far down the airstrip, and hydroplaned on bald tires, according to a Transportation Safety Board investigation.

On July 16, 2011, a Kelowna Flightcraft Boeing 727 cargo plane overran a runway at St. John's International Airport. The three crew members were uninjured and damage to the aircraft was minor.

TSB investigators found the plane landed at a "higher than normal speed" almost 610 metres down the runway, giving it too little space to stop.

"A combination of worn tires and a wet runway caused the aircraft to hydroplane during braking," stated the TSB report.

According to the report, Kelowna Flightcraft has improved training for its pilots since the incident and St. John's International Airport Authority has expanded a program on how precipitation affects its runways.