The town of Baie Verte has a new winter attraction created entirely by accident.

A large ice tower has developed three-and-a-half kilometres from the town's water supply station. 

The frozen structure was caused by a broken water valve. It's grown to over 50 ft since December.

Baie Verte Mayor Clar Brown said the valve water has been deflected, which means the tower will not get any bigger.

Brown said it's enormous size was the result of the water's force.

"[The water] is under pressure, so it didn't release a trickle. It's a geyser so it's pretty high," said Brown.

Ice Tower Baie Verte

The ice tower has become an attraction in Baie Verte. (Courtesy of Clar Brown)

The structure was first discovered by snowmobilers who quickly alerted the town. Brown said engineers have examined the tower. Ultimately it was decided, for safety reasons, to leave it standing.

"It's well over twice the height of any escalator we have in this area and too dangerous if we did knock it down. It fell back on the escalator," said Brown.

The mayor said he doesn't mind if people look at the ice tower, but he'd like them to keep a safe distance.

"It is a danger so it's cordoned off.  We hope that nobody tries to climb that tower," said Brown.