Rising water has been inching towards homes and businesses in the central Newfoundland town of Badger.

Emergency crews were on flood watch Tuesday night when some rising water spilled over the riverbank.

Mayor Mike Patey said the temperature has been dropping, and the town is hoping the water will freeze and stop moving inland.


Mayor Mike Patey says rising waters haven't moved close enough to homes and businesses to be a serious threat, but it is worrisome. (CBC)

"It's got up on some people's gardens, around their sheds … and in some areas over to the side of the stadium. That's the areas we're concerned about — up around the housing area and up on the Trans-Canada Highway," said Patey.

"We're not out of the woods. The next 24 to 48 hours is pretty crucial to us."

In February 2003, Badger was devastated by flood waters that froze over, causing sheets of ice to form over the town's streets and cars.

Many residents were also forced from their homes.