The Transportation Safety Board says several factors caused a huge Russian cargo plane to overshoot a runway while landing at St. John's International Airport a year and a half ago.

The blue and white Ilyushin aircraft, with 10 crew on board, was on a scheduled cargo flight from Prestwick, Scotland on Aug. 13, 2012 when it landed in St. John's on runway 11 shortly after 4 p.m.

But following touchdown, the crew couldn't stop the plane before it reached the end of the runway. It eventually came to rest in the grass, with the nose wheel ending up about 640 feet beyond the end of the pavement.

There were no injuries, and aircraft damage was limited to cuts and melted rubber on the main tires.

The Transportation Safety Board concluded that a number of problems led to the crash, including brake lines that had been wrongly installed, the plane's tires had been about 80 per cent worn, and tailwinds at the time were too strong for the plane to handle.

The TSB also noted Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency was responsible for making sure the plane was fit to fly, and land.