Baby caribou moves into Burin Peninsula town

The town of Garnish on the Burin Peninsula has a new resident, but he won't be looking for a house and won't be paying taxes.

'Buddy' the caribou wandered into Garnish last summer

Garnish has a new four-legged resident. Buddy the caribou has come to town 2:43

The town of Garnish on the Burin Peninsula has a new resident, but he won't be looking for a house and won't be paying taxes. 

A caribou has wandered into the town, and now the yearling stag is hanging around cabins and chasing off-road vehicles. 

People in the town have named the friendly animal Buddy.

"It's been in Point Rosie for all the summer," resident Vernon Balsom said. "It came out there the early part of the summer, and I think they kept it and fed it and domesticated it. Now really, it don't bother people."

Residents say he followed a group of ATV drivers a few kilometres from the woods to civilization.

Wildlife officials won't kill the animal because he isn't a nuisance to the community, and he can't be released into the wild because he is too fearless and friendly.

The town contacted the Salmonier Nature Park, and soon Buddy will be paired up with a female caribou living at the park. 


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