Aylward takes aim at undecided vote

Kevin Aylward says the Liberals will make gains in the final stretch of the election campaign by persuading doubtful voters to trust his platform.
St. John's Morning Show host Anthony Germain welcomes Liberal Leader Kevin Aylward 35:36

Liberal Leader Kevin Aylward said Thursday that his campaign will make gains in the final stretch of Newfoundland and Labrador's election campaign by persuading doubtful voters to trust his platform.

"There's a large undecided vote out there and we are picking it up all over the place," Aylward told the St. John's Morning Show during a phone-in session.

On Point

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"The last 10 days is when a lot of people will start looking at their choice." [Read a profile of Kevin Aylward.]

The Liberals have been trying to overcome several challenges as the Oct. 11 election draws closer.

Lagging in the polls and strapped for cash — the party went into the campaign with a significant debt that has prohibited expensive choices, including high-profile advertising and air travel — the Liberals also have had trouble finding candidates.

On Wednesday night, just hours after announcing their final candidates, the Liberals learned that one of them — Phillip Mullins, who had agreed to challenge Tory backbencher Steve Kent in Mount Pearl North — had dropped out.

Aylward said earlier that it's hard to recruit candidates to a party that is not in power.

"It takes time, when you're coming from the opposition … it is more difficult to get candidates," Aylward told reporters after Wednesday night's televised debate.

"We are quite proud of the slate we have across the province of candidates and we'll go forward with this during the election."

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