All-terrain vehicle enthusiasts were met by police over the weekend in Foxtrap, where they assembled to protest the Town of Conception Bay South's decision to ban all motorized vehicles from the T'Railway.

The operators say they've been barred from using the trail that is open to operators in other parts of the province.

The Conception Bay South T'Railway is being developed for pedestrians and those on bicycles, and it is illegal to operated motorized vehicles of any kind on the trail. 

Group spokesperson Bill Hibbs said blocking the old rail bed from motorized vehicles is not only against the rules — but is also discriminatory to non-motorized vehicles, like wheelchairs and strollers. 

Hibbs said the group won't stand for intimidation from the town or from police, because they don't think they're doing anything wrong.  

"This belongs to us. We're not abusing it, we're only using it. We're enjoying it, we use it on a regular basis and now all of a sudden we're dictated, we're told, 'No you're not using it any more.' It's frustrating, it's not fair," Hibbs told CBC on Saturday. 

Hibbs said the ATV group plans to present a petition to the Conception Bay South Town Council. The petition has more than 700 signatures.