The town of St. Lawrence has decided to allow the use of ATVs on its roads on a one-year trial basis after receiving a petition with over 400 signatures.

It is the second town on the Burin Peninsula to go with a policy allowing ATVs on the roads.

Paul Pike, mayor of St. Lawrence, said Garnish had a positive outcome with their ATV-friendly policy.

"Garnish had a very, very positive experience with this policy, and it's something that people are following the ATV regulations and it eliminated a lot — a lot — of problems they were having over there with ATV usage," Pike said.

Many residents are happy the town has introduced this policy and feel they will be able to use their ATVs more.

"This past month now I couldn't go nowhere on the bike," said resident Cyril Slaney.

ATV drivers who don't have trailers were scared off their bikes after the RCMP confiscated two machines last month after being caught driving on the roads.

"I think it's a good idea because some parts of town you can't just get your bikes up to the road," resident Matthew Hennebury said.

"It's better, well, for the people who are responsible, they can just drive on up and go where they're going."

Pike said the town council is happy to try it out, and encourages people to use the trails.

"I think this may be something that people in rural Newfoundland may want to have," Pike said. "Rural Newfoundland is blessed with all these natural trails, and people need access to them, and I think it may start a trend."

The new policy will come into effect April 16. ATV drivers will be able to drive to and from recognized trails.