ATM withdrawal angers Fortune residents

Scotiabank is planning to remove its only bank machine in the Burin Peninsula town of Fortune, leaving the community with only private cash ATMs.
A woman uses the Scotiabank bank machine in Fortune. The company plans to remove the machine in the fall. (CBC)

Scotiabank is planning to remove its bank machine from the Burin Peninsula town of Fortune, meaning people will have to drive six kilometers if they want to do business with the bank. 

Scotiabank taped this sign beside the bank machine to notify customers of the closure. CBC

Scotiabank closed its branch in Fortune 15 years ago and replaced it with an ATM.  The bank machine is also being removed in October,  some are worried about the impact it will have on the town.

"This is a case of big business just looking for the bottom line," said Fortune Mayor Charles Penwell. "No social responsibility."

"They're simply trying to save some money because they’re not getting a big lot of fees from their own customers," he said. "So to hell with them."

"My philosophy of it is, I would just as soon go to a different bank," said resident Cammie Lee. She said Scotiabank will lose her business if it goes through with the plan.

Resident Cammie Lee said if the machine is removed she will take her business elsewhere. (CBC)

Lee said removing the machine will also inconvenience people living in the surrounding communities.

"It's not only Fortune that's using it, I mean you've got people from Lamaline, Point May, all those areas they are forced to go Marystown or go to Grand Bank. There's no stopping here in Fortune, for nothing," said Lee.

Without the Scotiabank machine, Fortune would be left with three private ATMs. However residents said those machines charge more for cash withdrawals.

People in the town have started a petition to try and convince the Scotiabank to keep the machine.

A spokesperson for Scotiabank said the decision was made after looking at the cost of keeping the ATM and how it was used.  The machine is already closed on nights and weekends, and you can't use it for deposits or bill payments.